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Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Prickly Pear

Yes it’s another one of the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints. I promise I am not sponsored by them and I have indeed bought them all myself.

This was one of the first release colours and is possibly my favourite.

Prickly Pear is a gorgeous milky lavender blue and looking at it on my hand makes me happy.

I wish Barry M would make a few more pastel shades in this formula. I love the brights but softer shades are a little more work appropriate.

20130724-090520 PM.jpg


Mint for Life

Carrying on my theme of summer aquatic coloured nails I thought I would show you my mint mani of the day

20130719-090157 PM.jpg
This is Maybelline Super Stay Gel Colour 7 Days (snappily named eh…) in Mint For Life

If has been compared to the highly covetable Essie Mint Candy Apple.

Fortunately I own both so can show you a little comparison

20130719-091048 PM.jpg

Mint for Life is a shade lighter and paler and for £4.09 is a total steal. I love Mint Candy Apple as well possibly purely for the name but this has been my recent go to mint.

These polishes have big fat brushes and are almost opaque in one coat. I can’t say they do last 7 days but they are certainly fairly long lasting.

I was inspired to have this colour nails today by the sad death of Talia Castellano. Many instagrammers and bloggers have been using the mintmanisfortaliajoy hash tag today, inspired by one of her last photos of her, her sister and mum holding hands with matching mint nails.

20130719-091656 PM.jpg
(Source YouTube taliajoy18)

‘Just keep swimming’

Bourjois 1 Seconde in blue no blues

Another summer nail look today from Bourjois.
I never thought I liked blue and green nails on myself but recently it seems I have become obsessed! I was scrolling through my photos and found this lot yesterday!

20130708-103158 AM.jpg
At preset my toes are the Barry M colour (top right) and my fingers are Bourjois (bottom right) It was only after I’d painted them I realised they are about one shade apart with the Barry M being a touch more green.
Anyway Blue no Blues is a gorgeous Tiffany box blue with a tiny hint of tourquoise. Reminds me of the Mediterranean on a sunny day. Perfect for the current weather.

20130708-103457 AM.jpg
As I said for Green Fizz the brush is massive and the formula is beautiful…. Now I am off to ruin this at work or just stare at my nails all day!

Barry M Gelly 16 Passion Fruit

Considering I’ve been on holiday this week still I seem to have been doing more job related stuff than when I am at work….

Needs doing but doesn’t make for interesting blogging unless you fancy a look at my training folder…. No thought not!

So here is another nail related post.

Barry M Gelly in 16 Passion Fruit.

20130704-080723 PM.jpg
It is one of the newest colours in the Gelly range and it is BRIGHT! It looks red in the photo but its is super bright dark orange. Think a true poppy colour.

20130704-080905 PM.jpg
Also showcased here are my new mini rings from H and M. I think my fingers are possibly too fat for them but hey ho, I’ll probably lose them within a week anyway.
I think the combination is very summery cool.
And to finish, here is the cat ‘helping’ with my training folder….

20130704-081129 PM.jpg

Bourjois 1 Seconde Green Fizz

Yesterday I shared this picture of my new nail purchases.

20130630-055252 PM.jpg
Today I decided to try out Green Fizz. I have developed a bit of an obsessed with mint nails at the moment, however contrary to yesterday’s picture Green Fizz is more lime than mint.
I saw a photo of China Glaze’s Sunsational range which has a shade called Highlight of My Summer which is a dusty neon green and decided I needed to dupe it. This was the closest the high street had to offer!

20130630-055751 PM.jpg
I love it. It is a really clear bright pale green. Think it would look great with a tan but that’s not happened so far.

Formula wise these are great very smooth and non streaky. The brush is MASSIVE, even bigger than an Essie one. If you have small nail beds this could be a major issue for you as they are tricky to control.

They are currently buy 1 get 1 half price in Boots. What a bargain….!

Summer bright nails

Now we have transitioned to Summer from Spring…not that you would know if from the weather…. I have felt the need to leave pastel nail shades behind and head of the verging on neon brights.

Two new shades which have brightened up June and become firm favourites are these two.

20130626-080929 PM.jpg
Currently on my nails is Rimmel Salon Pro in 313 Cocktail Passion. It is a bright orangey coral. The formula is lovely on these and you could get a way with one coat. I have used the Revlon colour stay top and base coat under and over this and it is currently chip free after 4 days wear. Now I’m not at work at the moment but I usually struggle with chips a lot! The Revlon colour stay range is really really good at preventing or limiting this problem.

20130626-081338 PM.jpg
Next up last weeks nail of choice. Barry M Gelly in Greenberry. Bright, bright turquoisey green. I wasn’t sure of this on my deady white hands at first but then got a bit obsessed with it. If you are blessed with a tan or lovely olive skin then this will look divine!

I am fairly sure the Rimmel is a dupe of Essie Chubby Cheeks though I don’t own it.
I think the brights are here to stay. Let me know your personal summer nail favourites.

Floral colour clash nails

Lots of tutorials of this kind of thing around at the moment but I thought I’d show you how I did my nails last night.

20130508-090808 PM.jpg
Finished product.
So this is what I started with.

20130508-090905 PM.jpg
Revlon colour stay base coat (this stuff and the top coat are both amazing) China Glaze in Sweet Hook as the base, Barry M in Guava for the flowers and Essie Mint Candy Apple for the leaves.

20130508-091118 PM.jpg
Paint your nails with 2 coats of base colour.

20130508-091236 PM.jpg
Paint some roundish blobs on your accent nail.

20130508-091342 PM.jpg
Using a dotting tool or cocktail stick draw some swirls to define the petals and some blobs for leaves.

20130508-091450 PM.jpg

20130508-091503 PM.jpg
At this point I also decided I wanted to do the mint green as a fancy French type effect. I love the purple and green together.

20130508-091656 PM.jpg