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What would Don Draper do?

As I’m in the process of moving all my horrible possessions from one place to another I thought I’d indulge in a bit of fantasy room planning.


Don Draper’s series 6 Mad Men apartment. Seriously how cool is this flat? Never mind it would be worth several billion dollars today and is in New York… It’s the feel of the place. Cool but cosy, minimalist and welcoming and very cutting edge for the time period.

I don’t think Megan has 300 lipsticks/nail varnishes/blushes and I’m sure Don doesn’t have 6 pairs of near identical deck shoes….actually I bet he does….

Anyway this isn’t particularly the style I have in my house but I do like the feel of it so here are my picks to add a Mad Men vibe to your home.


I’m also sure that egg chair would look lovely covered in ginger fur and those cushions make idea scratching posts….

Zou Bisou Bisou……