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See by Chloe EDT

I know this new offering got a lot of love in the blogosphere not that long ago but I have finally got my hands on it so thought I’d add my thoughts.

20130609-084609 PM.jpg
Bright pink box with a cool minimalist font.

20130609-084642 PM.jpg
Inside. A funky little bottle which for some reason reminds me of a hand grenade…. Yeah not often you see that in a perfume review.
So what does it smell like? Officially sandalwood and vanilla.
To me, EXACTLY like this…

20130609-085112 PM.jpg
Tropical burst comfort… My favourite!
Wear time isn’t great, I applied it at about 12 today and can’t smell it at all at 9pm. I’ve had cheaper smells last much longer!
It retails for £39.99 for 30ml and £49.99 for 50ml. Orange comfort however, is £2.10….