Courgette fritters

My parents garden is just starting to deliver the goods after this strange summer, my mum brought us a box of goodies last week including courgettes, rhubarb, broad beans, cucumber and what is possibly the world’s largest lettuce.

In fear of never getting another thing into the fridge I thought I better get cooking.

James loves these kinds of dinners due to the sheer quantity of washing up and general chaos I manage to create in the kitchen.

20130720-093539 PM.jpg
Here is the finished product. Courgette, fritters, feta, tomato, mint and avocado salad, tzatiki and beer. Ok I didn’t make the beer….

Here is the method for the fritters

20130720-093811 PM.jpg

You need 3 courgettes, 4 if your mum hasn’t grown a monster… Some spring onions, fresh mint, self raising flour, an egg, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, a lemon and a clove of garlic.

First grate your courgettes. I used the food processor….as I said James loves washing up….

20130720-094039 PM.jpg

Put the grated courgette into a colander , place some kitchen paper on top and press down. The idea is to get as much liquid out of the courgette as possible.

20130720-094218 PM.jpg

While it dries off, chop your onions and mint. Confession time, I used the processor again….I’m sure Jamie Oliver doesn’t but then he probably hasn’t done a full shift in retail in plus 30 degrees and then done a 3k run… If he wants up question my knife skills then he can frankly bring it….

Anyway add them to the courgettes in a bowl, with a good pinch of salt, grind of pepper, teaspoon of chilli flakes and the garlic.

20130720-094547 PM.jpg

Zest your lemon. If you don’t have one of these graters, seriously put down your computer and go buy one now! They are awesome!

20130720-094704 PM.jpg

Next add 1 cup of self raising flour. Stir it all around. Add the egg.

20130720-094803 PM.jpg

Mix until it is all thoroughly combined.

20130720-094839 PM.jpg

At this point you can make your accompanying bits and bobs.

Heat up a frying pan or two with some oil. Dollop spoonfuls of the mixture into the pans once they are hot.

20130720-095043 PM.jpg

Once you see the edges start to turn brown flip them over and cook the other side.

20130720-095131 PM.jpg

Extremely yummy dipped in minty, yogurty, garlickyness….

20130720-095230 PM.jpg

Meanwhile James continues to wash up…..


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