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Saturday summary no. 12

Well this week I’ve mainly been….




(Ignore James non detox lunch on the left)
I followed the Nikki Sharp of Stay Sharp and Be Strong
5 day detox programme which costs about £5….if you are considering doing it…just do it, I’ve loved it!

Also running…a lot….now sat with an ice pack on my foot again….


Also admiring the scenery around my mums house




Also clearing my desk after 4 years in the same job….

Yes my locker was full of food!

Also spending time with these little guys….





Saturday summary no 11

This week has actually had a few more highlights than last week….cue collective sigh of relief!

Alcoholic dandelion and burdock

Naughty dinner in my favourite chilled bar

Monday night mojitos and brownies

Beach run

Country run

Lunch by the river

Lovely leaving present



Pug jumper, mac purchases and a lovely print. I didn’t buy the picture or the jumper.

Pretty bed at my mums.

Spicy butternut squash and red pepper soup

I’ve got into a really bad habit of buying my lunch everyday which is bad for both my waistline and my purse!

To combat this last Sunday I made a batch of my favourite healthy, cheap soup. This recipe is not only fat free but budget friendly too. It makes around 8 portions and costs a mere £2ish!

I give you Roasted Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup. Eat your heart out New Covent Garden Soup Company! I think it is originally adapted from a weight watchers recipe but I have added my own tweaks.


You need….


One Butternut squash
2 red peppers (you can use yellow but red makes in more orange)
2 stock cubes or stock pots or 2 spoons bouillon powder
1 tsp chilli flakes
2 tsps smoked paprika
1 onion (obviously I felt he wasn’t photogenic enough)

Turn your oven on to about 200 degrees
Whack your squash into a baking tray and put it into the over whole. It will need about 40 mins or so to roast and will look like this when it is cooked through.

Poke him with a sharp knife and if it sinks in easily it’s cooked.

You can make this with unroasted squash but frankly if you have ever peeled and chopped a raw squash you will realised what a total mare that is…. Roasting makes the whole process much easier.
Once the squash is cooked leave it to cool for a bit unless you are a masochist like me and like juggling a burning hot kilo of veg.

Chop your onion and peppers into chunks. Boil the kettle. Get a BIG pan on the hob.
Throw in your veg along with around 2 litres of stock. As well as some salt and your spices



Bring to the boil and simmer until the peppers and onion are tender.

Now wrestle your squash out of his skin and deseed it. Chop the squash flesh roughly.


Chuck that into the pan and leave on a low heat for about 20 mins until its all merged together.


Allow to cool slightly then blend up with a stick blender until it is smooth.

A portion of this contains around 100kcals if you wanted to make it less virtuous you could serve with sour cream or Creme Fraiche but I love it’s spicy kick. This version is quite hot so you may want to adjust the seasonings to your taste.

Let me know if you make it and like it!

Soft neutral make up

Yesterday I had a rubbish day and accidentally may have treated myself to a little bit of mac for the first time in ages.

Enter MSF in ‘adored’ and lipstick in ‘angel’


Angel is a classic soft peachy nude and adored is a gorgeous coral and gold shimmer.

Today we went out for lunch so I obviously had to have a play with both of my new toys….


Here is the finished product and the items used to create it.


No 7 tinted moisturiser.
Bourjois bronzing primer
Look blush in Flirt
Mac MSF in Adored
Mac Paint Pot in Vintage Selection
MUA pallette in Undress me
L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Black
Maybelline Falsies Flares
Mac Lipstick in Angel
Mac Lipgloss in Glamoursun

And the Instagrammed after shot of me in my glasses…. Not a hipster just blind…

I loved this look and it almost survived the gym….
Do you own Adored or Angel? What are your Mac must haves?

How do you like them apples?

Now hands up if you have been to Ikea and had the apple cake?

Yep, yummy right? Now if you haven’t, you should. Or you could just make the version here.

This is mine.


And this is the photo taken from the Ikea website.


The nearest Ikea is an hours drive and despite the fact that we seem to spend our lives there at the moment it’s not quite close enough for my liking.

Having had the cake there once I made it my mission to recreate it. Easy I thought, a quick google showed it wasn’t quite so easy.

So this is my version. I think it might even be better than Ikea’s but what do I know….

Here is what you need….


-150grm plain flour
-50grm butter/marg/butterliscious etc
-30grm caster sugar plus another 100grm
-apples (not cooking) about 8 or so
– cinnamon/ground ginger/nutmeg/cloves
-arrowroot or for flour
-Creme Fraiche/cream to serve

First off add the flour 30grm of sugar and marg to a bowl

-juice and zest of a lemon


Gently rub the butter into the flour with your fingers til it looks like sand


Now get a springform cake pan and press the mixture firmly into the pan base.



Press it up the sides of your pan as well to make a pie type edge.

Pop it in the oven on about 150 degrees for about 10 mins.

When it is done it will look like this.


Now chop up your apples. If you are a stickler you can peel them but erm… I hate peeling stuff! You want them into about centimetre thick slices.


Grab a pan and chuck in about 50grm of butter and 100grm of caster sugar.


Melt them together until the sugar is less granular but not brown.


Throw in your apple and 3 teaspoons of cinnamon, 1 of ground ginger and 1 of nutmeg plus 4 cloves.


Stir it all around and make sure all the apple is coated.


Add the juice and zest of a lemon.

Cook it all down. It will look dry for a while but the juice will come out of the apples as they cook.


Once it looks like this you are ready to add the arrowroot. Mix 1 tablespoon with water into a smooth liquid. Add to the bubbling liquid and stir like mad.



All the liquid should become thick and gloopy.

Now pile your apples into your pie case. Keep the apples under the level of the pastry so that they don’t stick to the pan.


Bake on 150 again for about 20 mins.

Take it out and scoff it with cream…. Nom nom….


Let me know if you make it!

Saturday summary number 10

Well if I thought not much happened last week then this week was much worse!
I might have to stop these fascination insights into my life until I actually start doing something other than moving stuff and working.


Make up storage. Done. Despite rediscovering all this lot, this week I’ve mainly worn 2 products.


New sofa. Plus cat and man. They aren’t new.


Adding glitter to photos! Hello glitter nebula.


Triple shot Starbucks.


Trying to mend a running injury with rosé.


Still ran on it though….



Rediscovering these 2 tunes.


Emergency Milkybar


Sunny Friday evenings.


Hitting 1000 page views on here. This may take a negative hit after this post!