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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

So it’s Sunday, I am watching back to back episodes of Modern Family and preparing myself for an overnight shift tonight. Highlight of the day so far has been breakfast and a trip to Wickes to buy a chisel (ok the bit about that being a highlight could be a lie)
I thought I’d show you some of my favourite things. Photos taken from we heart it or are my own.

20130421-023702 PM.jpg

20130421-023727 PM.jpg
Ryan Gosling

20130421-023802 PM.jpg

20130421-023830 PM.jpg

20130421-023913 PM.jpg
Pretty lights

20130421-023947 PM.jpg
Pink fizz

20130421-024023 PM.jpg

20130421-024102 PM.jpg
Beach huts

20130421-024129 PM.jpg
Mac and cheese

20130421-024207 PM.jpg

20130421-024239 PM.jpg
This soppy animal

20130421-024319 PM.jpg
My motivational diary

20130421-024506 PM.jpg
Otters (especially this one not enjoying melon)

20130421-024644 PM.jpg
Boys in fisherman outfits….who buy chisels….