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Soft neutral make up

Yesterday I had a rubbish day and accidentally may have treated myself to a little bit of mac for the first time in ages.

Enter MSF in ‘adored’ and lipstick in ‘angel’


Angel is a classic soft peachy nude and adored is a gorgeous coral and gold shimmer.

Today we went out for lunch so I obviously had to have a play with both of my new toys….


Here is the finished product and the items used to create it.


No 7 tinted moisturiser.
Bourjois bronzing primer
Look blush in Flirt
Mac MSF in Adored
Mac Paint Pot in Vintage Selection
MUA pallette in Undress me
L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Black
Maybelline Falsies Flares
Mac Lipstick in Angel
Mac Lipgloss in Glamoursun

And the Instagrammed after shot of me in my glasses…. Not a hipster just blind…

I loved this look and it almost survived the gym….
Do you own Adored or Angel? What are your Mac must haves?


Fashionista Custom Pallets

A while ago I wrote a post showing my evening make up for a dinner out and featured my Fashionista pallets.

I didn’t realised until the other week that Fashionista were a brand run by Superdrug themselves as it comes across quite edgy and inline with more expensive brands.

The premise of the brand is based on the eyeshadows and blushes which come in individual cases or can be easily popped out and put into their pallets making them totally customisable.

You buy the pallet and then add 4 shades of your choosing. The range of shades is huge adding up to 13 million combinations apparently.

When I bought them the shades were £4 each and you could fill a pallet for £10 I think. Now the pallets are only £2 each and so are the colours. You can buy them here… (link)

Anyway here are my pallets. I’m a bit OCD so my pallets had to be all blush or all eyeshadow.

20130730-085631 PM.jpg

20130730-085653 PM.jpg

I love the ltd edition PPQ leopard print pallet. I wanted a neutral pallet specifically as most of my eye colours are brights or pastels.

20130730-085843 PM.jpg

Nude is a creamy beige matt shade, ideal for a base colour.
Earth Star is mid tone copper colour – very similar to Mac Woodwinked.
Subtle Glamour is a cooler darker shimmery brown.
Nude Glimmer is my go to cant really be bothered with make up shade! It’s a shimmery nude, great with winged liner and a bright lip.

Here are some swatches.

20130730-090342 PM.jpg

And a little look created with them.

20130730-090408 PM.jpg

Now for the blushes.

20130730-090436 PM.jpg
Juicy Apricot is a lovely shimmery coral, not too shiny and gives a lovely healthy flush.
London erm also a shimmery coral….bit shinier but not a lot different!
Butterscotch is a matt mid tone bronzer shade. You could contour with this if you felt so inclined.
Rose Glow is a matt pink, looks scary in the pan, healthy on the cheeks!
Any of the photos of my face on this blog I am wearing one or other of theses colours!

20130730-090814 PM.jpg

Overall the quality of these products is excellent. They last well as perform comparably to some of my high end products. The convenience of the pallets is brilliant for holidays and the shade range is huge.

Definitely worth a few pounds in my opinion. I did buy these myself and use them very regularly.

What do you think? Do you fancy making your own pallet?

Bright summer lip colours

So you have seen my summer nail choices now how about some lipsticks?

My summer make up is pretty simple due to laziness/heat exhaustion/being tired!

My favourite make up look of the moment is a neutral eye with black liner, bronzer and a bright lip.

Here are some of my favourites.

20130726-054003 PM.jpg

20130726-054015 PM.jpg
As you can see its about the pinks and corals!

First up Viva Glam Gaga, the palest and least wearable of the lot really, this is a lustre finish and a lilac pink colour. It does cling to any imperfections and apply it too heavily and you look like you have escaped from Jersey Shore. However it is a fun shade for a night out.

Show Orchid. Everyone should own this. It is bright in your face blue tones pink with a tiny hint of shimmer. Makes your teeth look whiter and your eyes brighter. Instant confidence in a tube.

Viva Glam Nicki. Again not the most wearable. This is a bright pale coral. Has a nasty tendency to make your teeth look a bit yellow but great with a coral blush and definitely a unique shade.

Sleek Coral Reef. Simple orangey bright coral. Wearable and knocks your socks off.

Rimmel Kate 110. Slightly more red toned than Coral Reef but really they are very similar. Very long lasting.

Mac Impassioned. Bright pinky coral. Your mum will hate this. Lasts entire days and definitely a crowd stopper.

20130726-054810 PM.jpg

Swatches with flash.

20130726-054841 PM.jpg

And without. Please excuse the ginger tail in the background….the cat thought this was a game made up for him!

My favourites? Show Orchid and Impassioned. They aren’t for the faint hearted but they are brilliant summer shades.

Any of these take your fancy? What is your summer make up look?

Facing the evening

This is the make up I wore for my Dad’s birthday last week.
As my outfit was fairly bright I opted for a neutral look with a sheer bright lip.

20130615-051718 PM.jpg

20130615-051734 PM.jpg
Products used.

20130615-051800 PM.jpg
MUA undress your skin foundation in porcelain, I bought this far too light for me so I tested it mixed with the Bourjois bronzing BB cream which made it perfect. I blended them together with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, them buffed in Collection loose powder.

20130615-052025 PM.jpg
Blusher in Juicy Apricot by Fashionista
Then topped with MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter.
Eyes also by Fashionista.

20130615-052155 PM.jpg
Followed with some L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Black and then Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex in Black.

20130615-052310 PM.jpg
I got conned into this mascara in a deal at Superdrug and to begin with I wasn’t sure. I’m a massive fan of Maybelline Falsies Flares but actually this has grown on me, mainly based on the photo above!

20130615-052517 PM.jpg
Lips Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer and Bronzing BB cream

So this post is fairly scary as it involves my naked face, cue breathing into a paper bag….anyway here goes….

Bourjois have just released a couple of new bronzing products which I was very interested in. I bought them in Boots where they are currently a couple of pounds off.

20130518-084959 PM.jpg
First up is the bronzing primer which is a fairly scary dark looking matte tan colour. Can be used for contouring I’d imagine or just to warm your whole face.

20130518-085128 PM.jpg
Also in the range is the bronzing BB cream. Claims to bronze and conceal blemishes in one. As the aforementioned overnight shifts have rendered me paler than Caspar I decided to try them this weekend.
First off I applied the BB cream over my normal make up base. I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush with a tiny tiny amount to avoid the scary orange face look.

20130518-085449 PM.jpg
This was the amount I used for my entire face. I blended it out a lot. As such it didn’t offer much coverage but to be honest I wasn’t really looking for that.
So on the left is naked face, on the right after the BB cream.

20130518-085938 PM.jpg
I then buffed on a small amount of the bronzing primer

20130518-090034 PM.jpg
Subtle right?
I think powdered over the whole lot and added blusher and the rest of my make up.

20130518-090126 PM.jpg
Can we all just say a quick hallelujah for eyeliner and mascara….
Overalls I was pleased with the results, you could add more product to make the effect darker apparently. If I ever get a tan I will try this out.
I’m not sure how this would work on much darker skins and in terms of coverage it’s pretty minimal. Both products lasted well and I will use them again.

Spring nail varnish shades

So the sun seems to be making a tentative appearance this week and my thoughts have turned to pastel colours, beer gardens, country walks and picnics. Sadly there is a way to go before any of that is feasible, I can however show you some of the pretty colours that will be gracing my nails over the next few weeks.
First up Essie. I can’t lie since I heard the fuss about Mint Candy Apple I’ve been a little obsessed.

20130415-080303 PM.jpg
From left to right Fiji, Not Just a Pretty Face, Mint Candy Apple, Where’s My Chauffeur
Fiji is a gorgeous pale pale pink, makes your nails look fresh and polished. Not Just A Pretty Face is a peachy nude, mannequin hands really, perfect for work and your mum will totally approve. Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous minty green, doesn’t make my hands look red and immediately makes you feel cool and summery. Where’s My Chauffeur (part of the Christmas collection) is a slightly darker version and more of a teal. This one is definitely boyfriend approved. Feels edgy and cool without being too out there.
Advantages of the Essie polishes is their frankly MASSIVE brushes. Makes a manicure quick and simple. Retail at £7.99 from Boots.
Next up OPI and China Glaze

20130415-081057 PM.jpg
From left to right again. China Glaze Sea Spray and Sweet Hook, OPI My Very First Knockwurst and Pink Friday.

Sea Spray is a very muted sea grey/blue, subtle and a bit different with a slight shimmer, it is now discontinued but probably available from eBay.
Sweet Hook is a gorgeous light bright purple/lilac. Wearing this colour gives me a lift every time I wear it. It’s also discontinued.
My Very First Knockwurst a lovely nude pale pink which has hints of lilac. Pretty work appropriate again and goes with anything. Pink Friday is obviously Nicky Minaj for OPI it’s very Barbie pink but looks fab with the beginnings of a tan.
I love all of these colours for this time of year, they are just so pretty!

Revlon lip butters – new shades and swatches

So we all love a good lip butter right? I’m sure you have all read about their brilliant half gloss half lipstick formula but did you notice that a couple of sneaky new shades have appeared in the shops for Spring?
Being the eagle eyed cosmetic shopper that I am they hadn’t escaped me. On Saturday I went on a girly shopping trip which culminated in a trip round Superdrug (flashbacks of being 16 and giggly excursions checking out Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer lipstick)
So it turns out the lip butters are currently £2 off in Superdrug and I couldn’t resist. The 2 new shades are Wild Watermelon, a zingy pinky red and Juicy Papaya, a soft peachy orange. Both perfect for adding some spring to your step….(sorry!)

20130415-041439 PM.jpg
Wild Watermelon

20130415-041548 PM.jpg
Juicy Papaya
So onto the swatches. I thought I’d show you the rest of my collection. Shades I own are Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie.

20130415-041956 PM.jpg
From the top Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie, Wild Watermelon, Juicy Papaya.

20130415-042141 PM.jpg

20130415-042155 PM.jpg