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Mezze Monday

So I had a day off work and decided to make a mezze feast for my parents as a pre Easter meal. The menu was as follows. Courgette, lemon and mint ribbon salad, pan fried mushrooms with garlic and coriander, giant couscous with chickpeas and feta in a Harissa dressing, red pepper dip, tzatiki, baba ganoush, butterbean dip, homemade pitta bread, roasted cherry tomatoes, some ready made vine leaves and stuffed chillies from Lidl and a green salad. If I do say myself it was all extremely delicious. Roll on the day I have my own reataurant

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On a street where you live….

So last week I had to work a couple of hours on my day off so I was pretty fed up. Once I’d finished work I headed for the beach because that always makes me feel better. It was a stunning day and so just seeing the waves and the sunshine put the world to rights again.

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A new adventure

So I finally started writing a little blog. So an introduction to me. I’m 35 with an unhealthy obsession with shoes, clothes and skin care. I don’t mind the odd handbag and fragrance too. I also love exercise and baking to balance it out. So far so cliche right? I live on the South Coast and work for a pretty large retailer as a manager so this will be a little escape.

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