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London Shopping Haul

Last week we went to London. I was quite restrained for most of the day but then went a bit mad at the very end!
The only things I bought were in Primark and H & M. Clearly I could probably have got these at home but in fairness I haven’t seen the Primark bits at home.

20130710-074019 PM.jpg
I love this dipped hem, slightly sheer top from H & M. It’s fairly smart and makes any outfit look a bit more grown up.

20130710-074144 PM.jpg
These supersoft MC Hammer inspired trousers are so comfy feeling. With the top above and some neutral wedges they make a lovely summer evening outfit.
The following bits are from the Charing Cross branch of Primark which I find much nicer than the Marble Arch store which is pretty much the 7th circle of hell….

20130710-074516 PM.jpg

20130710-074529 PM.jpg

20130710-074539 PM.jpg
More ‘smart joggers’ which I think are my new favourite things! They are cooler than jeans and smarter than leggings.
I also got this funky pair of leggings as well as 2 pairs of ‘high waist disco leggings’ £7.00 each as well. Great for winter but I can’t bear the thought of them at the moment. And finally the pug t shirt that I showed you the other day.
So any bargains that you have found recently? Do you love wearing pjs in public as much as me?


Evening out

Both parents have now had their birthday’s and after present drama and 2 very long days at work I finally did manage to actually get to their dinners out.
I thought I’d show you my outfit from Dad’s birthday as I was running a bit late last night for Mums!
It was a fairly casual affair so not too much dressing up was involved which was lucky as I got ready in half an hour.

20130615-072801 AM.jpg

20130615-072929 AM.jpg

20130615-072946 AM.jpg
Crazy trousers H & M
Fruity shoes Primark
Dippy hem t shirt Primark (last year)
Neon vest Primark
Rose gold necklace Topshop (last year)
Watch Michael Kors
So yeah the entire outfit is worth about £46 if you take off the watch….bargainista or what?

20130615-073956 AM.jpg
And here’s my face!
Probably costing more in make up than the whole outfit!
I’m going to do an another post on the make up later.

Supermarket Clothes Shopping

Ok this will never be a fashion blog, I’m way too old/poor/not a size zero. I do love a good outfit photo but I’ll be working up to them I think.
So I am strictly a high street girl, I work for a retailer and as such I’m probably pretty up to date with high street fashion. I like nothing more than finding a copy of a designer must have. My view is unless you are going to want to wear it forever then it’s not worth more than about £40.
As much as I’d love a wardrobe of designer gear I have a mortgage and frankly sometimes even Zara seems way too expensive.
Most of my wardrobe is from Primark, H and M with the occasional bit of Topshop thrown in. I do love the supermarket fashion which is so accessible and erm cheap! Also if you buy it with your food shop you can kid yourself you haven’t really spent anything…
On my most recent supermarket trips I have managed to get a few bits to inject a bit of spring into my wardrobe so I thought I’d show them to you.

20130415-035751 PM.jpg
This map print top is in the Gok Wan range for TU at Sainsburys and I’d been eyeing it up for a while. I think it will be perfect for a casual night out with skinnies and heels. Best of all it was half price so only £11.

20130415-035953 PM.jpg
This sweatshirt type top was a mere £8, also from Sainsburys it is a slubby cream neppy weave which I love and has a slightly dipped back hem with a slit which makes it feel a bit more pulled together than a regular sweatshirt. I wore this at the weekend with medium rinse skinny jeans with turn ups and a pair of flats and felt like a wannabe beatnik.

20130415-040246 PM.jpg
Now excuse this top merging into the Ikea bedding that everyone has, I’m getting a bit hooked on the toile print. This slouchy tee is from Tesco (I know, I’m not faithful to one supermarket clothes range…) It was just £8 and I bought 2 sizes up for an oversized look.