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Saturday summary 15

I only seem capable of posting once a week at the moment. I leave the house at 6.30am and get back at 7.30pm plus I am working in a tiny seaside town, there ain’t much to blog about unless you count pasties…..


Here is another Weymouth sunrise

Healthy desk breakfast!

Embracing autumn in a very cosy knit yep way too hot!


Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

Amazing winter wonderland duvet set from Primark I cannot wait to put this on the bed!

Discovering Thomas Sabo now does rose gold jewellery, I want it all!

Saturday summary no. 3

Here is my list of good stuff from this week.

20130622-094244 PM.jpg
Spa visiting (obviously)

20130622-094329 PM.jpg
This primark top from last year!

20130622-094435 PM.jpg
Running 25 minutes! 28 on Friday actually which is 4.3k

20130622-094534 PM.jpg
Self deprecating gym wear.

20130622-094613 PM.jpg
Coordinating my nails to said gym wear

20130622-094703 PM.jpg
Using all the manky veg in the fridge to make this yummy Spanish style vegetable and chorizo stew.

20130622-094826 PM.jpg
Served with couscous and feta.

20130622-094905 PM.jpg
Jelly and flowery pjs.

20130622-094934 PM.jpg
Being made this very impressive duck, cherry and halloumi salad.

20130622-095046 PM.jpg
Relaxing on a warm evening in a secret courtyard with some good company.

20130622-095134 PM.jpg
Smoothies and food logging

20130622-095207 PM.jpg
The cat trying to catch a pigeon….
What has made you happy this week?

Rodial Crash Diet Sticks

The other week I decided to try out Rodial Crash Diet Sticks. I’m a firm believer in healthy eating and exercise however I’d got myself into a bit of a rut of feeling rubbish and not wanting to exercise so I was desperate for a bit of a boost.
These products are incredibly expensive retailing for about £50 per packet. Frustratingly before buying them I couldn’t really find any reviews from anyone who’d completed the whole 2 course.

20130518-091117 PM.jpg
It’s suggested you take one stick per day for 2 weeks.
I’ve taken the last one this morning and I can report I have lost 8lbs. Now I do not credit these with producing that weight loss. They help eliminate excess water and to a certain extent help reduce your appetite but they aren’t a miracle. I’ve been sticking to 1200 calls per day and exercised around 5 days a week while taking them so I’d reckon that has helped more. I’ve also been using a weight loss hypnosis app which has helped my will power I think. Anyway on to the drinks.
The packet contains 14 sticks which you mix with 100ml of water.

20130518-091635 PM.jpg

20130518-091647 PM.jpg
Now you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that it looks like something you would use to increase plant growth….
The sticks are ‘peach’ flavoured. Utterly grim in my opinion, fake tasting and really really sweet ironically. The first time I made them I used cold water which made them gritty and really foul. Hot water seems to help them dissolve a lot more.
They contain a whole variety of things which are meant to aid weight loss such as green tea extract and caffeine as well as cherry stem which is meant to help with water retention.
I took them in the morning due to the caffeine content.
Overall they probably helped a bit with weightloss but I don’t think they at worth £50. The product Kilo Off has pretty much same ingredients for a fifth of the price (and tastes much nicer)
To sum up, take them if you need a boost but at the end of the day eat right and work out and you get results.
Crash Diet sticks are available direct from Rodial at a massive reduction of £19.99 so now is the time to try them if you want to.

Lust list

Payday seems quite a way a way at the moment so I’m whiling away the hours thinking of things I want to buy.
First off this piece of arm candy from eBay. I love my rosé gold Michael Kors watch and think they’d look good together.

20130422-084552 PM.jpg
These awesome jungle print trousers from H & M

20130422-084922 PM.jpg
Probably all the Game of Thrones stuff on Etsy but particularly this

20130422-101220 PM.jpg
A poster of all my Instagram pictures (well the good ones that aren’t of my dinner) like this one from firebox

20130422-101714 PM.jpg
I keep seeing swatches of this illamasqua polish and I think I need it!

20130422-102017 PM.jpg
I will also be buying this set of real techniques brushes as I keep visiting them in Boots.

20130422-102231 PM.jpg
Finally I think I may have to admit shamefacedly to wanting Red by Taylor Swift

20130422-102456 PM.jpg
All together now ‘trouble, trouble, trouble……’ It’s not quite ‘Call me maybe’ but it’s close….
What are you lusting after…?