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Wing wing situation

Inspired by this post by Gemsmaquillage I was driven to turn our bland turkey steak dinner into a peri peri feast!

20130426-081904 PM.jpg

20130426-081917 PM.jpg
We marinated our turkey steaks in some Nandos medium sauce. Meanwhile I cooked some regular frozen peas in a pan with a sprig of mint. I threw together a quick salad, chucked some olives in a bowl, chopped the halloumi up and cooked it til crispy. Once that was done we put the turkey steaks in the pan with the remaining marinade. I mixed a bit of Nandos sauce with extra light mayo to make perinnaise. The rice was microwaved to packet instructions while I smashed up the peas with a potato masher with a bit of salt, chilli flakes, more mint and a teaspoon of olive oil. Warmed up the pittas and took the lid off the coleslaw and there we go….Nandos without leaving the house!

20130426-093509 PM.jpg

20130426-093655 PM.jpg
PS I am not sponsored by Sainsburys I just work near one!


Thursday funday

Today looked like this

20130425-092013 PM.jpg
Misty morning walk

20130425-092049 PM.jpg
Fur baby

20130425-092132 PM.jpg

20130425-092200 PM.jpg

20130425-092245 PM.jpg
Sandals! Omg!

20130425-092330 PM.jpg

20130425-092349 PM.jpg

20130425-092413 PM.jpg
Sunny face

20130425-092457 PM.jpg
Wine in the sunshine

20130425-092534 PM.jpg
Olives and nuts!

20130425-092602 PM.jpg
Pretty lady

20130425-092641 PM.jpg
Sunny walk back to town

20130425-092714 PM.jpg

20130425-092745 PM.jpg
Scrabble key ring present

20130425-092831 PM.jpg

20130425-092857 PM.jpg

Lust list

Payday seems quite a way a way at the moment so I’m whiling away the hours thinking of things I want to buy.
First off this piece of arm candy from eBay. I love my rosé gold Michael Kors watch and think they’d look good together.

20130422-084552 PM.jpg
These awesome jungle print trousers from H & M

20130422-084922 PM.jpg
Probably all the Game of Thrones stuff on Etsy but particularly this

20130422-101220 PM.jpg
A poster of all my Instagram pictures (well the good ones that aren’t of my dinner) like this one from firebox

20130422-101714 PM.jpg
I keep seeing swatches of this illamasqua polish and I think I need it!

20130422-102017 PM.jpg
I will also be buying this set of real techniques brushes as I keep visiting them in Boots.

20130422-102231 PM.jpg
Finally I think I may have to admit shamefacedly to wanting Red by Taylor Swift

20130422-102456 PM.jpg
All together now ‘trouble, trouble, trouble……’ It’s not quite ‘Call me maybe’ but it’s close….
What are you lusting after…?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

So it’s Sunday, I am watching back to back episodes of Modern Family and preparing myself for an overnight shift tonight. Highlight of the day so far has been breakfast and a trip to Wickes to buy a chisel (ok the bit about that being a highlight could be a lie)
I thought I’d show you some of my favourite things. Photos taken from we heart it or are my own.

20130421-023702 PM.jpg

20130421-023727 PM.jpg
Ryan Gosling

20130421-023802 PM.jpg

20130421-023830 PM.jpg

20130421-023913 PM.jpg
Pretty lights

20130421-023947 PM.jpg
Pink fizz

20130421-024023 PM.jpg

20130421-024102 PM.jpg
Beach huts

20130421-024129 PM.jpg
Mac and cheese

20130421-024207 PM.jpg

20130421-024239 PM.jpg
This soppy animal

20130421-024319 PM.jpg
My motivational diary

20130421-024506 PM.jpg
Otters (especially this one not enjoying melon)

20130421-024644 PM.jpg
Boys in fisherman outfits….who buy chisels….

I think I’m ready now….for sunshine

I’m sat looking out the window on Saturday morning thinking about getting ready for work and I’ve decided….I’m so ready for summer now.
I want…..

20130420-081529 AM.jpg
Picnics in the gardens

20130420-081616 AM.jpg
Cool fruity drinks

20130420-081732 AM.jpg
Too wear neon and cut offs and have a tan!

20130420-081819 AM.jpg
To sit and watch the sky in a pub garden

20130420-081909 AM.jpg
Ice Cream!

20130420-081959 AM.jpg

20130420-082049 AM.jpg
Beach lounging

20130420-082131 AM.jpg
But most of all sunshine!
As it is I am going to work with no voice….! Hurry up summer….I’m waiting….

Green Monsters or just Monsters

Like everyone else on the Internet I am on a bit of a health kick. Every year about this time I experience pre summer body panic. Every year about October I get swamped by work and end up working 14 hours a day and living off carbs and cheese…..what a way to go right?
So currently I am trying to get back into my skinniest jeans….whilst still working 11 or 12 hours a day. Part of this is obviously exercise, I am a massive Jillian Michaels fan, she is the voice in my head when I want to stop.

The other part is about eating. I generally follow a fairly low carb self devised diet plan which I track using the OCD sufferers friend ‘my fitness pal’

20130418-085306 PM.jpg
Be warned, it gets obsessive.

20130418-085357 PM.jpg
Screen shot from the Jillian Michaels iPhone app.
So anyway breakfast at the moment is a smoothie based on the green monster recipe from oh she glows

So here is the version we had today.

20130418-085744 PM.jpg
I blended half a banana, 2 strawberries, a handful of raspberries, a handful of raw spinach, 200ml of almond milk and 2 tablespoons of low fat yogurt.

20130418-085934 PM.jpg
Then blend it to death!

20130418-090009 PM.jpg
It was very tasty and kept me going til lunch.
The boyfriend is a little less impressed with the healthy eating so he had to have this home made bunny sundae after dinner….one step at a time eh…

20130418-090149 PM.jpg
Anyone got a great smoothie recipe for me to try? Have you gone green? Or do you just want the bunny sundae…?

Spring nail varnish shades

So the sun seems to be making a tentative appearance this week and my thoughts have turned to pastel colours, beer gardens, country walks and picnics. Sadly there is a way to go before any of that is feasible, I can however show you some of the pretty colours that will be gracing my nails over the next few weeks.
First up Essie. I can’t lie since I heard the fuss about Mint Candy Apple I’ve been a little obsessed.

20130415-080303 PM.jpg
From left to right Fiji, Not Just a Pretty Face, Mint Candy Apple, Where’s My Chauffeur
Fiji is a gorgeous pale pale pink, makes your nails look fresh and polished. Not Just A Pretty Face is a peachy nude, mannequin hands really, perfect for work and your mum will totally approve. Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous minty green, doesn’t make my hands look red and immediately makes you feel cool and summery. Where’s My Chauffeur (part of the Christmas collection) is a slightly darker version and more of a teal. This one is definitely boyfriend approved. Feels edgy and cool without being too out there.
Advantages of the Essie polishes is their frankly MASSIVE brushes. Makes a manicure quick and simple. Retail at £7.99 from Boots.
Next up OPI and China Glaze

20130415-081057 PM.jpg
From left to right again. China Glaze Sea Spray and Sweet Hook, OPI My Very First Knockwurst and Pink Friday.

Sea Spray is a very muted sea grey/blue, subtle and a bit different with a slight shimmer, it is now discontinued but probably available from eBay.
Sweet Hook is a gorgeous light bright purple/lilac. Wearing this colour gives me a lift every time I wear it. It’s also discontinued.
My Very First Knockwurst a lovely nude pale pink which has hints of lilac. Pretty work appropriate again and goes with anything. Pink Friday is obviously Nicky Minaj for OPI it’s very Barbie pink but looks fab with the beginnings of a tan.
I love all of these colours for this time of year, they are just so pretty!