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Bourjois 1 Seconde Green Fizz

Yesterday I shared this picture of my new nail purchases.

20130630-055252 PM.jpg
Today I decided to try out Green Fizz. I have developed a bit of an obsessed with mint nails at the moment, however contrary to yesterday’s picture Green Fizz is more lime than mint.
I saw a photo of China Glaze’s Sunsational range which has a shade called Highlight of My Summer which is a dusty neon green and decided I needed to dupe it. This was the closest the high street had to offer!

20130630-055751 PM.jpg
I love it. It is a really clear bright pale green. Think it would look great with a tan but that’s not happened so far.

Formula wise these are great very smooth and non streaky. The brush is MASSIVE, even bigger than an Essie one. If you have small nail beds this could be a major issue for you as they are tricky to control.

They are currently buy 1 get 1 half price in Boots. What a bargain….!


Saturday summary part 4

Well this week I have got a lot of nice things. I’m enjoying 2 weeks off work at the moment and trying to put any stress out of my head to deal with in a weeks time. There is a lot of food in this post….be warned.

20130629-085443 PM.jpg
Homemade scones and champagne prepared by my Mummy.

20130629-085549 PM.jpg
Evening walks along the beach watching the SBS do secret squirrel stuff.

20130629-085703 PM.jpg
Walking where the water should be because of the super moon.

20130629-085817 PM.jpg
Pancake style crumpets.

20130629-085905 PM.jpg
Climbing on cliffs

20130629-085959 PM.jpg
Homemade seafood platter (thanks M and S)

20130629-090059 PM.jpg
My boys eating ice cream…. The cat didn’t have any honestly!

20130629-090154 PM.jpg
Visiting Broadchurch (aka

20130629-090244 PM.jpg
Leaning over cliffs (and getting told off…a lot)

20130629-090325 PM.jpg
Yummy lunch.

20130629-090409 PM.jpg
Being forced to watch It…. Actually this wasn’t so much fun….

20130629-090457 PM.jpg
Heart shaped sunlight on the bedroom wall….awwww

20130629-090534 PM.jpg
Treating myself to prescription RayBans

20130629-090603 PM.jpg
Making an Evian baby that looks nothing like me!

20130629-090647 PM.jpg
Using my Boots points to get these two…. And yes they do look pretty similar to the colour already on my nails…
So what has been making you happy this week?

Running up that hill part 3

So today was day 1 of week 9 of couch to 5k. Last week I was running for 28 minutes. This week is 30.
Psychologically this seems like a lot more despite being only 2 more minutes. Today I was determined to hit the 5k mark. That’s 30 minutes of continuous running. Yuck.

Well I am very pleased to say I managed it. It took 31 minutes but it was 5 whole kilometres. Further than I have ever run before.

20130628-062033 PM.jpg
My proof!

I will complete the programme and plan on continuing to run 3 times per week. On the other 2 to 3 I will do a 30 day shred type HIIT workout.

I can’t recommend the couch to 5k programme enough. Yes you do need to be self motivated and determined but it is amazing what you can achieve. My boyfriend maintains that all human beings can run….I feel like maybe I missed that gene and was meant to be in a cave stirring a pot rather than hunter gathering….however in 8 weeks I have gone from struggling to run for 30 seconds to running for 30 minutes.
I don’t ever see me completing a 10k run or a marathon but I am pleased that I have done something in a decent time that I never thought I would do.

Overall of you are thinking about starting couch to 5k, download Get Running and just do it! There may be times you want to give up or stop but keep your focus and you can do it!

Here is a bit of Ryan to get you going…..

20130628-062931 PM.jpg

Summer bright nails

Now we have transitioned to Summer from Spring…not that you would know if from the weather…. I have felt the need to leave pastel nail shades behind and head of the verging on neon brights.

Two new shades which have brightened up June and become firm favourites are these two.

20130626-080929 PM.jpg
Currently on my nails is Rimmel Salon Pro in 313 Cocktail Passion. It is a bright orangey coral. The formula is lovely on these and you could get a way with one coat. I have used the Revlon colour stay top and base coat under and over this and it is currently chip free after 4 days wear. Now I’m not at work at the moment but I usually struggle with chips a lot! The Revlon colour stay range is really really good at preventing or limiting this problem.

20130626-081338 PM.jpg
Next up last weeks nail of choice. Barry M Gelly in Greenberry. Bright, bright turquoisey green. I wasn’t sure of this on my deady white hands at first but then got a bit obsessed with it. If you are blessed with a tan or lovely olive skin then this will look divine!

I am fairly sure the Rimmel is a dupe of Essie Chubby Cheeks though I don’t own it.
I think the brights are here to stay. Let me know your personal summer nail favourites.

You won’t see me coming….

You all know I’ve been running a lot recently so this weekend I decided to treat myself to some new running kit!

20130625-094924 PM.jpg
The vest is a subtle neon orange with a racer back. It was a princely £7.99 from TK Maxx
Clearly I needed some jazzy shorts too and these fitted the bill. They have purple tight fitting longer cycling short liners for added ‘security’ and erm they look cool. They were £14.99 also from TK Maxx.
I teamed this little lot over a seam free sports crop top in purple I’ve had for a while.
Here is the finished look! I felt pretty cool to be honest for gym gear.

20130625-095434 PM.jpg
I’ve also decided I must have these trainers in my life to complete the outfit but I can’t find my size in them anywhere. They are Nike Free Runs in Hot Punch….someone please help me find them in a UK 6!

20130625-095843 PM.jpg

Saturday summary no. 3

Here is my list of good stuff from this week.

20130622-094244 PM.jpg
Spa visiting (obviously)

20130622-094329 PM.jpg
This primark top from last year!

20130622-094435 PM.jpg
Running 25 minutes! 28 on Friday actually which is 4.3k

20130622-094534 PM.jpg
Self deprecating gym wear.

20130622-094613 PM.jpg
Coordinating my nails to said gym wear

20130622-094703 PM.jpg
Using all the manky veg in the fridge to make this yummy Spanish style vegetable and chorizo stew.

20130622-094826 PM.jpg
Served with couscous and feta.

20130622-094905 PM.jpg
Jelly and flowery pjs.

20130622-094934 PM.jpg
Being made this very impressive duck, cherry and halloumi salad.

20130622-095046 PM.jpg
Relaxing on a warm evening in a secret courtyard with some good company.

20130622-095134 PM.jpg
Smoothies and food logging

20130622-095207 PM.jpg
The cat trying to catch a pigeon….
What has made you happy this week?

Running up that hill part 2

So last time I updated about couch to 5k I was on week 4 and feeling pretty proud…..
I’ve just completed the final run of week 7. It’s fair to say I’m even prouder. Mainly for sticking with something I really don’t like. I remember with dread having to run 1500 metres at school and now I’m running 3.5 times that….for fun.

So week 5 was still working on an interval basis.

20130619-114707 AM.jpg
5 minutes to start with then up to 8. The thought of running 8 minutes made me feel quite sick!

20130619-114805 AM.jpg
But oh look by the end of the week I was meant to be running 20!

Week 6 was back to intervals to start with.

20130619-114901 AM.jpg
But then by day 3…..25 minutes….

20130619-114936 AM.jpg
All of week 7 has been 25min continuous runs and week 8 is 28….week 9…30.
Overall I have found this approach to be brilliant. I never thought I could run for 25 continuous minutes and not die….this morning it was so hot I considered it!
I’ve been gradually increasing my pace on the treadmill and I’m hoping by next week I will actually be running 5k with no walking.
A word of warning though if you are starting this program, between weeks 4 and 5 I put on 6lbs… don’t try and tell me it was muscle that would be ridiculous for a woman….
Anyway it’s come back off now and apparently it’s quite common if you start running having not done it before, something about muscles needing glycogen and so storing more water! Anyway if it happens to you..don’t panic! I nearly threw in the towel but instead scaled back my extra runs and restarted interval training as well. It may have sorted itself out on its own but I was starting to feel like a sausage in too tight a skin.
Hopefully in 2 weeks time I’ll be able to call myself a couch to 5k graduate.