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Bank holidays were made for…

This is what Bank Holidays were made for….. I usually work them

Leisurely sunny breakfasts

Pub gardens

Girl and boy lunches.

Tea, cake and Bond…. Cake not pictured….

Boys on the sofa….


Blues run the game

Today I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’m moving house and waiting to start a new job so life is a little tense at the moment. Yesterday I spent the day packing my flat into boxes (or the bin) while my lovely mum tried to match up all my odd socks…. In typical me style I’ve woken up this morning with no voice and been awake since 5am thanks to an over active brain and some seagulls having a party. I’m working til 9pm tonight and generally feel full of woe!

So here is what I’d rather be doing (images all from we heart it)

Building a blanket fort


Spending all day in my PJs (hell if I looked like this girl in them I’d go to work in them)


Watching some feel good films


Having tomato soup and a cheese toastie for lunch


Having marshmallows, hot chocolate and pic and mix sweets.




Followed by a bubble bath


Then mac and cheese for dinner!

The cheese and sugar theme may explain why I don’t look so good in my pyjamas! But there you have in, instant comfort in a few easy steps….I’m hoping James will recreate that blanket fort for me on Sunday…..

What’s your cure for feeling sorry for yourself?
Is mac and cheese the cure for all ills?

It’s the freakin’ weekend….

Despite the frankly roasting temperatures I was not too upset to be working this entire weekend as my first one back from holiday.
Mainly as due to living in a beach resort means that the slightest hint of sunshine causes a flood of people to the beach meaning its about as peaceful as a football match. Last weekend it took people 6 hours to get in and out of Bournemouth and this weekend hotel rooms were going for £300 per night.
I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be making the most of everyone having gone back to work.

20130714-090122 PM.jpg
Saturday night we spent the evening at my parents having a lovely al fresco dinner on their terrace.

20130714-090230 PM.jpg
View from the terrace.

20130714-090310 PM.jpg
Garlic and coriander king prawns….these were so good!

20130714-090349 PM.jpg
The rest of dinner….more prawns and seafood as well as homemade bread, salad and cheeses.

20130714-090441 PM.jpg
I love this photo of my dad.

20130714-090524 PM.jpg
James – very seriously reading a log burner catalogue!

20130714-090613 PM.jpg

20130714-090628 PM.jpg
Poole harbour as the sun started to go down.

20130714-090733 PM.jpg
Today didn’t start with a run for a change but a giant iced coffee before work.

20130714-090832 PM.jpg

20130714-090845 PM.jpg
Tonight I was made homemade gazpacho and chicken and pancetta salad for when I finished work.
It was amazing!
I do do other stuff except eat and go to work I promise I just do more eating and working….

20130714-091038 PM.jpg
I’ve just painted my nails in Papaya by Barry M which is a lovely peachy orange, while accidentally capturing this awesome photo of Jeremy Clarkson!

20130714-091216 PM.jpg
Now if you aren’t singing R Kelly Ignition by now I’ve done something wrong….

Saturday summary

This week has been incredibly busy. I feel like all I do is work, go to the gym and sleep somedays. Anyway here are some things that have brightened up the hamster wheel this week.

20130608-074158 PM.jpg
Tutti fruitti new shoes!

20130608-074241 PM.jpg
Starting this evil thing again, time number 6 or so – I have completed it several times now but it still rocks.

20130608-074414 PM.jpg
Making something I saw on Pinterest that wasn’t a fail….meet my pressed sandwich, it’s grilled vegetables and pesto and mozzarella.

20130608-074600 PM.jpg
Posing in sunglasses.

20130608-074627 PM.jpg

20130608-074639 PM.jpg

20130608-074700 PM.jpg
Sunshine through trees.

20130608-074743 PM.jpg
Flip flops and coral nail polish.

20130608-074812 PM.jpg
Bunting, fairy lights and handmade cushions.

20130608-074851 PM.jpg
Catching up on Broadchurch in bed with frozen grapes while filling out my fitness diary!

20130608-075111 PM.jpg
Having a drink in the sunshine in Wareham with the boy.