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Running up that hill part 2

So last time I updated about couch to 5k I was on week 4 and feeling pretty proud…..
I’ve just completed the final run of week 7. It’s fair to say I’m even prouder. Mainly for sticking with something I really don’t like. I remember with dread having to run 1500 metres at school and now I’m running 3.5 times that….for fun.

So week 5 was still working on an interval basis.

20130619-114707 AM.jpg
5 minutes to start with then up to 8. The thought of running 8 minutes made me feel quite sick!

20130619-114805 AM.jpg
But oh look by the end of the week I was meant to be running 20!

Week 6 was back to intervals to start with.

20130619-114901 AM.jpg
But then by day 3…..25 minutes….

20130619-114936 AM.jpg
All of week 7 has been 25min continuous runs and week 8 is 28….week 9…30.
Overall I have found this approach to be brilliant. I never thought I could run for 25 continuous minutes and not die….this morning it was so hot I considered it!
I’ve been gradually increasing my pace on the treadmill and I’m hoping by next week I will actually be running 5k with no walking.
A word of warning though if you are starting this program, between weeks 4 and 5 I put on 6lbs…..no don’t try and tell me it was muscle that would be ridiculous for a woman….
Anyway it’s come back off now and apparently it’s quite common if you start running having not done it before, something about muscles needing glycogen and so storing more water! Anyway if it happens to you..don’t panic! I nearly threw in the towel but instead scaled back my extra runs and restarted interval training as well. It may have sorted itself out on its own but I was starting to feel like a sausage in too tight a skin.
Hopefully in 2 weeks time I’ll be able to call myself a couch to 5k graduate.


Running up that hill

I think I mentioned recently that I started the couch to 5k programme so I thought I’d give an update on my progress.
I am now on week 4 of the programme and so far we have a kind of love hate relationship.
I started running at the beach in week 1.
At this point I was running for 1 minute then walking for 1 and a half.
I started taking photos to track the programme so here is week 1.

20130526-050103 PM.jpg

20130526-050127 PM.jpg

20130526-050200 PM.jpg
I then went to stay at my parents for 2 weeks so wasn’t near the beach so had to run on the roads. Uneven ground is my nemesis and I found it pretty tough.
At this point I was running a minute and a half and walking the same.
Here is week 2.

20130526-050440 PM.jpg

20130526-050506 PM.jpg

20130526-050530 PM.jpg
Week 3 involves running 2 x 1.5 minute runs and 2 x 3 minute runs. By this point I had really started to struggle running on the road as I found it quite hard to moderate my pace. The final day of week 3 I did at the gym.

20130526-050844 PM.jpg

20130526-050946 PM.jpg
I started week 4 a few days ago and have so far done 2 sessions. Both on the treadmill. I have got my pace about right and am finding it much better. This week is 2 x 3 minute runs and 2 x 5 minute runs.

20130526-051142 PM.jpg

20130526-051154 PM.jpg
I have started to continue running after the programme ends and have managed 3 x 5k runs which makes me pretty happy.
I’ve never liked running but I have enjoyed the structure that this programme gives me. I’m interested to see the progression in my fitness and I feel like this method will really help me.
I do find running outdoors more fun but really much tougher so for now I’ll stick to the treadmill.
I’ll update again in 4 weeks when hopefully I’ll be running continuously for 25 minutes….. Excuse me while I hyperventilate at the thought!