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On the run again

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I finished Couch to 5k 3 weeks ago and I committed to running 15 to 20k each week.

So here is my progress….
I’ve started attempting running outdoors again (yes in the current temperatures in the UK) My natural runner boyfriend has a route along the promenade by the beach from our flat which is 5k. I have struggled through it a few times and can comfortably run 3k before I start to want to vomit!

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I quite often feel a bit like this however!

On Wednesday I woke up and just felt like running so did a quick treadmill 3.5k
Tonight despite a long sweaty day I was determined to run after work.
I applied this principle….

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Amazingly I managed a personal best of 5k in 29 minutes. 2 mins faster than any previous times.

I feel like running outside has made me a stronger quicker runner despite me still not being that great outside.

For anyone doing couch to 5k, keep persevering and it will get easier, even if it doesn’t feel like it.
It is only 3 months since running a minute was too much for me so a sub 30 minute 5k makes me very proud!