How do you like them apples?

Now hands up if you have been to Ikea and had the apple cake?

Yep, yummy right? Now if you haven’t, you should. Or you could just make the version here.

This is mine.


And this is the photo taken from the Ikea website.


The nearest Ikea is an hours drive and despite the fact that we seem to spend our lives there at the moment it’s not quite close enough for my liking.

Having had the cake there once I made it my mission to recreate it. Easy I thought, a quick google showed it wasn’t quite so easy.

So this is my version. I think it might even be better than Ikea’s but what do I know….

Here is what you need….


-150grm plain flour
-50grm butter/marg/butterliscious etc
-30grm caster sugar plus another 100grm
-apples (not cooking) about 8 or so
– cinnamon/ground ginger/nutmeg/cloves
-arrowroot or for flour
-Creme Fraiche/cream to serve

First off add the flour 30grm of sugar and marg to a bowl

-juice and zest of a lemon


Gently rub the butter into the flour with your fingers til it looks like sand


Now get a springform cake pan and press the mixture firmly into the pan base.



Press it up the sides of your pan as well to make a pie type edge.

Pop it in the oven on about 150 degrees for about 10 mins.

When it is done it will look like this.


Now chop up your apples. If you are a stickler you can peel them but erm… I hate peeling stuff! You want them into about centimetre thick slices.


Grab a pan and chuck in about 50grm of butter and 100grm of caster sugar.


Melt them together until the sugar is less granular but not brown.


Throw in your apple and 3 teaspoons of cinnamon, 1 of ground ginger and 1 of nutmeg plus 4 cloves.


Stir it all around and make sure all the apple is coated.


Add the juice and zest of a lemon.

Cook it all down. It will look dry for a while but the juice will come out of the apples as they cook.


Once it looks like this you are ready to add the arrowroot. Mix 1 tablespoon with water into a smooth liquid. Add to the bubbling liquid and stir like mad.



All the liquid should become thick and gloopy.

Now pile your apples into your pie case. Keep the apples under the level of the pastry so that they don’t stick to the pan.


Bake on 150 again for about 20 mins.

Take it out and scoff it with cream…. Nom nom….


Let me know if you make it!


Saturday summary number 10

Well if I thought not much happened last week then this week was much worse!
I might have to stop these fascination insights into my life until I actually start doing something other than moving stuff and working.


Make up storage. Done. Despite rediscovering all this lot, this week I’ve mainly worn 2 products.


New sofa. Plus cat and man. They aren’t new.


Adding glitter to photos! Hello glitter nebula.


Triple shot Starbucks.


Trying to mend a running injury with rosé.


Still ran on it though….



Rediscovering these 2 tunes.


Emergency Milkybar


Sunny Friday evenings.


Hitting 1000 page views on here. This may take a negative hit after this post!

What would Don Draper do?

As I’m in the process of moving all my horrible possessions from one place to another I thought I’d indulge in a bit of fantasy room planning.


Don Draper’s series 6 Mad Men apartment. Seriously how cool is this flat? Never mind it would be worth several billion dollars today and is in New York… It’s the feel of the place. Cool but cosy, minimalist and welcoming and very cutting edge for the time period.

I don’t think Megan has 300 lipsticks/nail varnishes/blushes and I’m sure Don doesn’t have 6 pairs of near identical deck shoes….actually I bet he does….

Anyway this isn’t particularly the style I have in my house but I do like the feel of it so here are my picks to add a Mad Men vibe to your home.


I’m also sure that egg chair would look lovely covered in ginger fur and those cushions make idea scratching posts….

Zou Bisou Bisou……

Saturday summary number 9

Well this week has been pretty uninspiring, I’ve been ill and moving house still.

Here is the best of the bunch….

Doing my hair properly and wearing show orchid to work for the day.

Cat v Moth. There was a huge moth in the bedroom the other night, James decided to try to awaken the cat’s hunting instinct…..basically a 1st Maine Coone was terrified by the flying thing then tried to cuddle it….soppiest animal ever!


In other news we went to Ikea. This make up storage was designed by Magnus something or other. This giant ginger cat is also called Magnus. Heaven sent box.


James created me this funky jewellery holder from one of our ornaments.


He’s the cornerstone of my little dressing table area (the one bit of the flat which is sorted)


Finally getting an iPhone and downloading the Nike+ running app. I’ve run nearly 20k in August, some not logged on this app but its brilliant.


What wasn’t brilliant was running 5km when I wasn’t feeling great yesterday morning. But still the beach looked pretty.


Healthy rice cakes for breakfast pre late shift.


It’s just gone 5am and here is my view. I’m about to go to work and the sun is just coming up…..pretty eh?

So what’s been baking your biscuits this week? Do you love flat pack as much as my cat?

Blues run the game

Today I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’m moving house and waiting to start a new job so life is a little tense at the moment. Yesterday I spent the day packing my flat into boxes (or the bin) while my lovely mum tried to match up all my odd socks…. In typical me style I’ve woken up this morning with no voice and been awake since 5am thanks to an over active brain and some seagulls having a party. I’m working til 9pm tonight and generally feel full of woe!

So here is what I’d rather be doing (images all from we heart it)

Building a blanket fort


Spending all day in my PJs (hell if I looked like this girl in them I’d go to work in them)


Watching some feel good films


Having tomato soup and a cheese toastie for lunch


Having marshmallows, hot chocolate and pic and mix sweets.




Followed by a bubble bath


Then mac and cheese for dinner!

The cheese and sugar theme may explain why I don’t look so good in my pyjamas! But there you have in, instant comfort in a few easy steps….I’m hoping James will recreate that blanket fort for me on Sunday…..

What’s your cure for feeling sorry for yourself?
Is mac and cheese the cure for all ills?

Saturday summary 8

Silly week this week of not too much fun sadly. I’m in the process of moving all my stuff out of my flat which is pretty dull and depressing.

Highlights have been

20130803-093359 PM.jpg

Rediscovering this story written for me by my sister when I was about 5 or 6. It’s all about a magic chalkboard and I think it ends with ‘and it was all a dream’ I remember her writing it so clearly.

20130803-093612 PM.jpg

Pug/bulldog print pjs. Thanks Primark.

20130803-093656 PM.jpg

Flowers in my dinner.

20130803-093727 PM.jpg

Rocking a swift updo for dinner with my parents and the boy. I am wearing a top I promise.

20130803-093820 PM.jpg

Fresh lavender from the garden. Furry face optional.

20130803-093901 PM.jpg

Sainsburys stocking this little baby. Hello Christmas.

20130803-093946 PM.jpg
Overnight oats with chia seeds. Recipe coming up.

20130803-094142 PM.jpg
Reunited with my childhood companion. Had a version of him since I was 2 days old.

20130803-094243 PM.jpg
Thank you flowers from a colleague.

20130803-094336 PM.jpg
Liquid lunch.

20130803-094402 PM.jpg
Maine Coone does Usain Bolt….

What’s made your week better? Is your cat quicker than the fastest man in the world?

July Goals…. Did I do em…?

So here were my goals for July

20130802-090040 PM.jpg

So how did I do?

Run 15k – 20k per week
I managed over 60k in July which averages out to 16k per week.

20130802-090248 PM.jpg

Lose 7 more pounds.

Yeah that one totally didn’t happen despite all the running I stayed exactly the same weight.
2 weeks on holiday made me fall off the calorie counting band wagon. I’ve still eaten well just been much less strict. I had a brief flirtation with the 5:2 diet but I find I just want to eat the world….

Finish work on time at least twice a week.
Yeah did this one. Also managed to get a promotion so may not last!

Drink 3 litres of water a day. Nailed this. Have consistently managed 2 litres at work then at least 2 pints at home.

So what’s planned for August?

20130802-091758 PM.jpg

Inspired by the beautiful Gemma and her #awesomeaugust idea here are my goals.

Have you made some goals? Are you making #awesomeaugust?